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Chipboard/Linerboard Sheeting


Switch from Corrugated to Chipboard/Linerboard Sheets to save on your​ Freight Costs and Warehouse Storage Space​.

•​ Chipboard is ordered by Thickness or Caliper – Range from .020 to .060.

•​ Chipboard Minimum size is 24” width and Maximum 144” Length.

•​ Linerboard is ordered by Basis Weight in pounds – Range from 30# to 90#.

•​ Linerboard Minimum size is 24” width and Maximum 80” Length.

An additional benefit is that Chipboard can be Laminated with a variety of Coatings:
Clay Coating, Poly Coating, VCI Coating, Foil, Anti- Skid Coating, Abrasion Resistance​ and Gypsum.

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